Management and Leadership

If you’re just assuming a team leadership or management role or this is your first experience with management development training, there are many options for you. The Certificate in Skills for New Managers will give you a strong footing in the fundamental concepts and best practices that are key to being an effective team lead or new manager. 

Looking for programming to improve your managerial effectiveness? You understand your priorities and have experience, but you want to sharpen and innovate your skills. If you’re already established in a leadership or management role, the Certificate in Practical Leadership and the Certificate in Advanced Skills for New Managers will fit your goals.  

Management and Leadership Specialty Topic programming include other topics, along with courses in Facilitation, Strategy, Coaching and Change Management. 


Certificate in Agile Workplace Development - Discover the challenges and windfalls of cultivating the agility of your workplace
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Certificate in Practical Leadership - Developing leadership excellence
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Certificate in Skills for New Managers - Understand your skills and attributes and how they will translate into a role as a manager
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Team Leadership and New Manager

Advanced Leadership for New Managers - Explore how to maximize your effectiveness as a leader
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Developing Managerial Effectiveness - Learn to Prioritize, Plan, Prepare and Perform
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Developing People and Teams - Learn the essential mechanics of team development and how to create a team that will successfully achieve its outcomes
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Essentials of Managing People - Understand the fundamental HR practices of a new manager and how best to work together
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Leadership Skills for the New Manager - Develop a plan to prepare for a career in management
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Maximizing Employee Effectiveness - Build better strategies and habits for a stronger and more effective team
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Leadership and Change Management

NEW Challenge the Status Quo - Explore the obstacles and gains when an organization challenges the status quo
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Executing Change and Overcoming Resistance - Learn how to guide through change and manage those resistant to change
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Facing Common Leadership Challenges - Explore strategies to respond to the most common challenges leaders face
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Foundation for an Agile Workplace - Discover how to challenge your organization's barriers to change and adapt
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Leadership 2.0 - How do you feel you are as a leader? How do others view you as a leader?
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Operational Excellence - Navigate the day to day and annual obligations of operational management
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Management and Leadership Specialty Topics

Applying Strategic Thinking - Connects the elements of strategy for the organization to your role
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Developing Effective Facilitation Skills - Using proper facilitation can effectively get a group of people to identify, accept and commit to solutions
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Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Improve personal effectiveness and team performance
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