Certificate programs not only focus your learning, they can help propel your career by preparing you for new challenges. 

The advantages of a certificate include not only the new knowledge acquired, but the opportunity to interact with classmates from diverse industries and backgrounds online. People you would not normally meet who can become a network for you to maintain outside of class.

All our certificates have been designed based on either a combination of seminars or a required set. You can develop and practice new skills during and between online classes, allowing you time to internalize the learning.

Certificate in Agile Workplace Development
Discover the challenges and windfalls of cultivating the agility of your workplace.

Certificate in Business Communication
Improve your confidence and skills as a communicator.

Certificate in Comprehensive Project Management
Build an understanding of the critical elements that lead to project success.

Certificate in Financial Management
Gain the knowledge to make informed financial decisions and plan more effectively for the future.

Certificate in Managing Conflict
Develop skills and knowledge so that you can approach conflict with confidence. 

Certificate in Managing Human Resources
Learn practical content and proven concepts to help you become a well-rounded HR professional. 

Certificate in Policy Development & Implementation
Lead, manage, support, and influence the policy process to ensure both equity and effectiveness.

Certificate in Practical Leadership
Develop the attributes needed to be a successful leader. 

Certificate in Skills for New Managers  
Learn how to utilize your work style and abilities to make the change to management.

Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders
Acquire the knowledge and skills to apply analytics to support organizational objectives and strategy.

Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Become a leader in driving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership
Achieve the skills to advance performance, and effectively lead your municipality into the future.

Masters Certificate in Project Management
Gain the knowledge and tools to deliver projects on time, budget and within scope.

Series for Excellence in Financial Management
Understand how financial information is collected and what it is and is not telling you.