Certificate in Comprehensive Project Management

This eight-day Certificate in Comprehensive Project Management program is an advanced project management course, which is suited for those who have previous introductory or intermediate level training. It is highly suited for those that wish to obtain PMP® or CAPM® certification through the PMI® (Project Management Institute) and wish to reduce their study time. It is your responsibility to determine if you qualify for certification by visiting the Project Management Institute’s website.

Note: The 3 day “The Project Management Course”, offered through the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University is better suited to inexperienced or new project managers and teams, or those without previous project management training. The 3 day course would be the ideal pre-requisite to this comprehensive course.

Project Managers and Project Leaders
Develop thorough skills and knowledge, as well as proficiency in understanding processes and concepts that underpin the requirements you need to become certified. Those with more experience and background can also benefit by learning key concepts to successfully lead projects, build strong cohesive teams, and get recognition for excellence in your field. Key learning points will enable you to learn best practices, ensure strong stakeholder engagement, build a thorough understanding of requirements, and successfully deliver projects. 

Building standard and consistent practices within the organization is frequently the main objective for organizational managers, project managers, and project management offices. At the same time, you are encouraged to take what you learn and adapt the processes to best suit your types of projects. Imagine the productivity and effectiveness of a team who have a collective understanding of project processes, terminology, and best practices for delivering successful projects.

Project Team Members
Team members, with appropriate experience and previous introductory training can also benefit. Be more engaged in work projects in your team role or take on new project responsibilities and growth in your project management career and become valued and recognized for your project management savvy. The knowledge will also assist in preparing for your CAPM® certification if you qualify to write the PMI® exam.

Program Content: 
This advanced course offers a full 360°review of project management according to the Project Management Institute. It integrates process activities of the 6th edition guide with the 7th edition principles, domains, and tasks. Key concepts will also differentiate between Traditional and Agile project management. Project managers and leaders will learn valuable concepts to enable the use of best practices in your industry and be recognized for your ability to successfully lead organizational projects.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Comprehensive Project Management consists of three modules: Modules 1 and 2 are three days each, and Module 3 is only two days for a total of 8 days of programming. The modules are usually spaced 1 to 1 ½ weeks apart and must be taken in order.

Applied Learning Opportunities

This on-line instructor led course, includes highly rated group work sessions, sectional tests, and unique learning aids that assist in applying and understanding the vast learning components of project management, and a capstone project used throughout the course teaches how to apply critical components to projects after class.

There will be homework to complete between the three modules consisting of appropriate sectional tests, pre-recorded videos, and individual exercises. Homework is normally limited to 2 hours or less between modules. Homework and instructor led learning provides a total of 56 learning hours of project management instruction.

To round out learning you will have one mandatory final test that must be passed to obtain your certificate of completion. You will have time, after course completion, to refresh your knowledge to complete this on-line test.

Certificate Summary

8 Day Certificate

Fall 2024 Session (8 Days)
1: October 22 - 24, 2024 (T-Th)
2: November 6 - 8, 2024 (W-F)
3: November 21 - 22, 2024 (Th-F)

Spring 2025 Session (8 Days)
1: April 2 - 4, 2025 (W-F)
2: April 15 - 17, 2025 (T-Th)
3: May 1 - 2, 2025 (Th-F)

Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm (Atlantic Time)

Fee: $3,470



Certificate in Comprehensive Project Management Brochure

Facilitators: Sandra Martyn, PMP

Location: Online


Course Content
The following key content is covered through a combination of instructor led sessions providing the majority of learning hours, supplemented by pre-recorded videos.

 Although all content will be covered, the sequence and flow of the following content may be slightly adjusted based on class progress, participation, and class size.

Pre-Work for the Course (Pre-recorded Videos) Pre-work will be released one week prior to the start of Module 1 and must be completed prior to Module 1. Approximately 2 hours will be needed.

  • Instructions for accessing course files and links
  • Business Environment and People Domains
  • Project Management Framework
  • Sectional test 1

Module 1 (3 Days): Project Integration, Stakeholders, and Scope, including:

  • Introduction to the 8-day certificate program
  • Overview of processes and domains
  • Complete review of Integration, Stakeholder, and Scope Knowledge Areas
  • Introduce the Capstone project
  • Agile project management
  • Appropriate sectional tests


Module 2 (3 days): Project Schedule, Quality, Resources, Costs (Part A), Communications, including:

  • Complete review of Schedule, Quality, Resources, Costs (Part A), and Communications Knowledge areas, including
  • Key types of scheduling methods, and building a realistic schedule
  • Sequencing the work
  • Understanding quality concepts, tools, and techniques
  • Interpreting a Bell Curve and understanding normal distribution
  • Two categories of resources, and resource processes
  • Developing cost estimates and knowing when to baseline the project
  • Appropriate sectional tests


Module 3 (2 Days): Costs (Part B), Risk, Procurement, and Review, including:

  • Earned value analysis, and performance reporting
  • Complete review of Risk and Procurement processes
  • Further develop the Capstone project for risk management
  • 3 Procurement Processes and their outputs
  • Types of contracts
  • Appropriate sectional tests
  • Review difficult concepts from select areas, plus a mandatory final online exam
  • Instructions to write the final course test
  • Hints and tips for writing the PMI exams


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