Business Communications

No matter what your role, you need to be able to communicate. Over 70 percent of our workdays are spent interacting with others, so communication in its many forms is an activity that we rely on heavily.

The Certificate in Business Communications allows you to build a certificate to fit your requirements, whether to improve your interpersonal or written skills. Once you complete one writing course, you can decide what other communication skills you want to work on. 

Here are some ideas on how to choose from the courses listed below to improve your daily communication. As a team member or team leader, you need to have well-developed interpersonal communication skills to get your ideas across clearly. Communicating to a digital audience has become significant for most organizations. Challenged to write a proposal or report? Always asking others to review your writing for edits and doing final proofing? Improving your writing skills will increase your ease and effectiveness in keeping people informed, to maintain strong working relations.

If your goal is to improve your confidence and skills as a communicator then the communication courses, series or certificate will be of benefit to you.


Certificate in Business Communications - Build written and interpersonal communication skills
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Improving Interpersonal Communication -  Explore the communication process, including, pitfalls, traps to avoid, and assessing your particular style
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Business Writing Skills - Edit for clarity and conciseness
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Editing Essentials - Hone your rewriting and editing skill
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Grammar, Punctuation and Proofreading Boot Camp - Learn how to avoid the most common grammatical mistakes
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Write to Convince: Effective Persuasion and Proposal Writing - Write compelling proposals, for both internal and external audiences
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Writing Effective Policies and Procedures - Write clear and effective policies and develop a template for policy preparation
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