Human Resources

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The people in any organization determine the success. It is a competition to make sure you attract the best fit in employees. Human Resources planning is key to that attraction and retention effort. 

What trends do you need to be responding to that ensure your organization will be successful in the future?

Our six-day certificate is packed with practical content and proven concepts to help you become a well-rounded HR practitioner. Build on the fundamentals with strategies for recruiting and retaining the best talent and awareness of how to address emerging Human Resources trends. Be ready by planning, preparing and staying informed. Human Resources practitioners complete essential work that is required for organizational success. 

Take a seminar or enroll in the new certificate. Your organization will benefit from what you learn. 


Certificate in Managing Human Resources - Offers you an understanding of the many aspects and trends in the HR field and how they can be used effectively within your organization
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Emerging Trends in Human Resources - gaining knowledge and skills to meet the HR needs of up to five generations of workers in a global workplace contexts
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Human Resource Fundamentals - Examines the many aspects of an HR Practitioner's role, providing best practice and up to date approaches to effective implementation 
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Talent Selection, Development and Retention - Having the right people in the right roles and providing the right kind of environment are the keys to achieving organizational success
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