Policy exists in every sector and in every organization. It is the link between organizational intent and behaviour.

It either evolves in an incremental way as decisions get made, things get done, and patterns, however inconsistent, emerge. Or it is created deliberately and implemented as a means of ensuring that everyone in the organization is on the same page, and by extension, that their decisions, actions, and behaviors are consistent and aligned with the organization’s values and objectives.

As you might expect, the more deliberate an organization can be about defining its policies, the more prepared its staff can be made to implement those policies, and the more diligent the organization is about evaluating to ensure that the policies are effective, the more successful the organization will be.

The Policy Development and Implementation Certificate provides participants with the knowledge and skills they need to lead, participate in, and/or influence the development and implementation of policy in a way that ensures it is aligned to the organization’s values and objectives, it produces the intended result, it is communicated and implemented accurately and consistently, and that it is designed to enable evaluation to ensure it’s working.


Certificate in Policy Development and Implementation - Designed for practitioners of all experiences taking one from the initial stages of policy development to the final stages of documenting it.
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Developing Policy that Performs - Produce policies that can be implemented and measured for desired results
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Implementing Policy and Managing the Change - Ensure that new and amended policies are implemented consistently and confidently
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Writing Effective Policies and Procedures - Write clear and effective policies and develop a template for policy preparation
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Policy Evaluation - How is the policy working?  Do people understand it? Are there compliance concerns?
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