University Possible Thanks to Donations

SeanBrothers Sean and Leo McKenna have the same belief in the value of giving to Saint Mary’s University. These successful chartered accountants and Saint Mary’s alumni were able to pursue their studies because of the scholarships that donations made possible.

I was the oldest of eight and my parents were not in a position to make much of a contribution to my tuition,” Leo begins. Scholarship funding helped me come out of school with very little debt.” Sean echoes the sentiment: Financial aid allowed me to focus on my studies and enjoy a full university experience at Saint Mary’s.

Each brother sees gifts to Saint Mary’s as a way to offer a new generation of students the benefits they had, but each also has more personal reasons to contribute.‌Leo

Leo, Chief Financial Officer at Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board, appreciates that his gifts can benefit his home province. “Saint Mary’s is important in attracting people to Halifax and is key to our success and growth as a city and province,” he says.Sean, Executive Director of Finance for Cineplex Entertainment, views giving – which he does through monthly donations – in a larger social context. “I give to Saint Mary’s because it is doing good work and investing in the future,” the Toronto resident says. 

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