Limitless Potential

Andreas Robinson standing on the street.

Andreas Robinson BComm’19

For Andreas Robinson, the plan was always to start his own business. From a young age he was interested in effecting change and creating a positive impact in the world.

While in high school, he found himself in a close-knit environment that fostered building connections with diverse groups of people - an environment that he saw echoed at Saint Mary’s. “If you are curious, you have the opportunity to take ownership of that,” Andreas says. “You get the experience of discussing and exploring your ideas.” The additional support provided by scholarships and bursaries helped him keep his business goals in focus. “Removing barriers to access is a big part of what I want to achieve with my business and that’s what scholarships and bursaries do for students.”

Now a recent graduate, Andreas is using the networks and business mindset cultivated at Saint Mary’s to grow his business, Infinitus, and to empower youth, individuals, and communities to embrace their limitless potential.

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