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Students at the Villa de Titus archaeology dig in Italy

Students on site at the Archaeological Field School in Italy, helping to excavate a 2,200-year-old Roman villa. 

All field schools and language programs are eligible for the VPAR International Mobility Award, offered twice each year. Deadlines to apply are March 15 and November 1. Please note, the majority of field schools are on pause during the current travel restrictions related to COVID-19, though several courses continue virtually. See details below; updates will be added as they become available.  

ANTH 3373/3374 Grand Pre Archaeology

This field school takes place in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, and students can take part while commuting from home. You’ll help to excavate a variety of sites related to old Acadie, gaining six credit hours and hands-on experience in archaeology during the month of May.

ANTH 3701 Forensic Archaeology Field School 

This field school takes place in a variety of locations in Canada approximately every two years. In each case, students are exposed to hands-on learning in the field of forensic archaeology. CANCELLED FOR 2021

ANTH 3710/3713 or ANTH 4710/4713 Cuban Archaeology Field School and Lab

This field school is a six credit hour experience in public archaeology. Students will work with local Cuban archaeologists from the City of Havana's Cabinet of Archaeology excavating Cafetal Angerona, a 19th century plantation site on the island. It normally runs in May and June when offered. The fieldwork fee is about $1,600 plus flight and tuition. For more information contact Dr. Jonathan Fowler ( CANCELLED FOR 2021

ANTH 3714 Special topics Archaeological Remote Sensing

The archaeologist's toolkit is changing rapidly as new technologies allow us to detect and map archaeological sites and features without digging. Students in this course engage in hands-on learning with terrestrial and aerial remote sensing technologies including ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction, and LiDAR. This course runs from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, May 2-15, 2020. For more information and to sign up, contact Dr. Jonathan Fowler ( CANCELLED FOR 2021

CLAS 3610/3611 Archaeological Field School in Italy

This field school takes place every May-June in the village of Castel Sant'Angelo, roughly 70 km northeast of Rome in the Apennine Mountains of central Italy. You’ll have a chance to develop skills in archaeology while helping to excavate the "Villa of Titus", a monumental rural complex that may once have been a residence of the Flavian Emperor Titus. This field school is comprised of two 3 credit hour courses and is five to six weeks long. CANCELLED FOR 2021; for more photos and details, see this article about the 2019 class

ENGL 4500 Shakespeare: Theater and Text

This course is offered every other year and takes place in the May-June semester. Students meet for two weeks in class preparing for the trip, then travel for nine days to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, to partake in courses at the Shakespeare Centre. You’ll also have the chance to see live shows in Stratford and at the Globe Theatre in London. Upon returning, students have 10 days to prepare the final project resulting from learning in this study-abroad course. NOT OFFERED IN 2021; see this article about the innovative virtual version that took place in the spring of 2020. 

GEOG 4100 Geography International Field School: The Gambia

Every other year, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers a field school in The Gambia during the reading week of the fall semester. Students meet on Fridays all semester to prepare for and debrief the experience. You’ll learn about the history, culture and geography of The Gambia. For more information, contact Dr. Cathy Conrad ( CANCELLED IN 2020; see this article about the lasting impact from the 2018 class

GEOG 4100 Geography International Field School in South Korea

This new field school explores the physical and human landscapes of South Korea. Visit Seoul, the DMZ, among other sites in exploring the fascinating geography of one of the fastest changing regions of the world. CANCELLED IN 2020 

GERM 1101/1102/ 2201/2202/3301/3302 Canadian Summer School in Germany (CSSG)

This German immersion study abroad program offers one full-year university course in six and a half weeks, as well as living with a host family and a full cultural program. You'll have unforgettable experiences like visiting Berlin, watching a Bundesliga soccer match, and touring the city of Kassel with your German tandem partner! This course normally takes place in May-June every year. You must have at least one semester of university German to apply. THE 2021 CSSG IS VIRTUAL and will run from May 5 to June 23, 2021.  

HIST 4840.1 Remembering World Wars in Britain

This course first launched in 2019, taking students to study monuments and landscapes in Southern England linked to both World Wars. Students focus on sites associated with Canadian participation and examine how memory of the wars is maintained – from displays at the Imperial War Museum in London to memorials in village church yards in Sussex. Students meet in class throughout the semester then travel during the November reading week, allowing them to experience Remembrance Day in England. See this campus news story for photos and details about the inaugural class

HIST 4842.1 Exploring Occupied Paris: Cultural Histories of the Wartime City, 1939-1945

This new course explors the experiences of war and occupation in Paris during the Second World War. Through coursework and a 10-day Paris field school, students will learn about the impact of the war on daily life through four themes reflecting Parisian identity: Art and monuments, food and drink, fashion and film, and literature and popular culture. POSTPONED

POLI 4402/4826 Model United Nations

Every year, students meet from September to March to prepare for the weeklong National Model United Nations conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York around Easter. Students represent one country at the UN and prepare policy and position papers, negotiate resolutions and learn how the UN operates. CANCELLED IN 2020 

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