Undergraduate Program Advisor

Academic advisors are committed to providing a supportive environment that focuses on individual student needs and prioritizes your educational, professional, and personal development. As your advisors, we can help you identify your goals, strengths, and interests to help you make informed decisions.

Advisors can help with:

  • Planning your degree
  • Choosing your courses
  • Confirming program requirements
  • Understanding university regulations, policies and processes
  • Accessing student supports
  • Faculty grading schemes
  • Understand your transfer credits
  • Taking courses at other universities (letter of permission)

To learn more about the academic advisor and student partnership, view the SMU Academic Advising Syllabus.

Want more information? Check out our Advising FAQs.

Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Environmental Studies
McNally Main 218

Telephone: 902-420-5437
Email: BAadvising@smu.ca
Website: Bachelor of Arts Advising Centre
Dean: Dr. Mary I. Ingraham
Associate Dean of Arts (Curriculum and Student Affairs): Dr. Myles McCallum
Associate Dean of Arts (Outreach and Faculty Support): Dr. Sara Malton
Program Advisors: Abhishek Bhuchar, Jamie McIntosh, Robyn McIntosh, Emily Anderson (on leave until January 2023), Shawn Simamba (on leave until September 2022)


Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Engineering
Atrium 301

Telephone: 902-420-5661
Email: advisor.science@smu.ca‌
Website: Science Advising Centre
Dean: Dr. Lori Francis 
Associate Deans (Student Affairs): Vacant
Associate Deans (Curriculum): Dr. Roby Austin, (acting)
Program Advisors: Courtenay Kyle and Laura Johnston

Sobey School of Business

Bachelor of Commerce
Sobey Building 258
Telephone: 902-491-6532
Email: sobey.bcomm@smu.ca‌
Website: BComm Academic Success & Advising Centre
Dean: Dr. Harjeet Bhabra
Associate Dean (Undergraduate and Professional Graduate Programs): Dr. Margaret McKee
Program Manager: Bronwyn Lynn
Program Advisors: Emma Wicks and Jill Thomas