Managing My Degree

Undergraduate Resources

 Tuition calculator  GPA calculator  Important dates
 Confirmation of enrollment  Letters of permission  Academic advising
 Pass/No Credit Grading Option  Registration FAQ  Dean’s List FAQ

Find out how your GPA is calculated
Do you know the difference between a GPA and a CGPA? Learn how your GPA is calculated.

Course withdrawal
Find instructions for dropping a class and learn more about course withdrawal deadlines.

Get a Confirmation of Enrollment letter
Do you need a letter confirming your registration at Saint Mary’s? Find out how to get a confirmation of enrolment.

Take a class at another university with a Letter of Permission
You can become a visiting student at another university. Get classes approved for transfer back to Saint Mary’s using a Letter of Permission approved by your faculty. Find out how! 

Pass/No Credit Grading Option
You can request a grade of Pass or No Credit for an undergraduate course. Learn about the regulations and what to consider before applying for this option.

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