Taking Courses at Other Institutions

Letters of Permission (LOP)

Take a class at another university while attending Saint Mary’s

If you are a Saint Mary’s student, you can request permission to take a class or classes at another university. You will need a Letter of Permission (LOP) before you register or apply to another university.

Apply to be a Visiting Student at Saint Mary’s

Are you a student at another university interested in taking a class at Saint Mary’s?

Apply to be a visiting student!

Follow these steps! Start early as Letters of Permission take time.


  1. Review Academic Regulation 20 (Transfer Credit Hours) before submitting your Letter of Permission request.

  2. Complete the Undergraduate Letter of Permission Request Form (PDF) to indicate the classes you wish to take.
    1. Your “Host Institution” is the university you wish to attend.
    2. If you don’t know the SMU equivalent, contact your academic advisor for assistance or view our online transfer credit database for a list of popular equivalents.
  3. Attached a detailed course outline(s) of the course(s) you wish to take, and submit your form and course outline(s) to records@smu.ca.
  4. If the Letter of Permission is approved, you may apply to the host institution as a Visiting Student with the original Letter of Permission form.



Important notes for students taking Letter of Permission (LOP) classes


You must apply and register at the host university
An approved LOP request does not guarantee admission to the host institution, nor does it guarantee a place in the class. You must apply and register according to the school’s procedure.

Pay the host university directly and on time
It is your responsibility to pay the host university the required tuition and fees on the due date indicated by the institution.

Request a transcript upon course completion
Upon completion of the course(s) taken on this Letter of Permission, it is your responsibility to request an official transcript by sent to Saint Mary’s University.

All approved courses will be added to your academic record as “in progress” (INP) until a final transcript is received.

If a transcript is not received within three months of the end of term in which the course is approved to be taken, a final grade of F will be assigned in the course(s).

View your grades
All grades (including failing grades) for classes completed on a Letter of Permission at Canadian universities will be recorded on your Saint Mary’s transcript and included in GPA calculations.

Grades for courses taken outside of Canada will show a grade of “TR” and are excluded from the GPA. A minimum grade of C is required for courses taken at international institutions.

Drop a course on Letter of Permission
If you decide to not complete any of the courses approved by the Letter of Permission, you are required to notify records@smu.ca prior to the add/drop deadline.

After the add/drop deadline, proof of withdrawal from the host university will be required.

Contact the Service Centre if you have a student loan or scholarship
If you are taking classes on a LOP, and you have received a student loan or a scholarship, provide the Service Centre with proof of your registration at the host institution (timetable, invoice, etc.) so that we can process your loan or renew a scholarship.