Faculty of Arts

Our Arts with Impact

In 2021, what do the Arts mean to students, professors and the contemporary world? Our website explores this question and highlights the outreach, impact and community efforts of our faculty, alumni and students.

A photo of Arts graduate Deeksha Bhaskar BA'20 
Learn how Deeksha Bhaskar BA'20 found a way to combine her culinary calling and her culture while studying Arts at Saint Mary's. 

Why Study Arts at Saint Mary's? 

You’ll find your path in the Saint Mary’s Faculty of Arts, through 11 academic departments and our unique interdisciplinary programs. With one of the widest selections of humanities, social science and environmental studies programs in Atlantic Canada, our flexible combinations offer a solid foundation for your future career and graduate studies.

Learn with leading researchers who are locally and globally connected, and enhance your degree with fieldwork, community service, co-op and research options. New and returning students can use our online booking system to meet with our academic advisors, who will help you customize your degree to match your interests. 


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