Environmental Science Program

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Why study Environmental Science?

The Department of Environmental Science at Saint Mary's University offers a rigorous environmental science undergraduate program using an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Our goal is to provide students with the academic preparation to allow them to contribute positively to an environmentally sound future.

Environmental science uses scientific ideas and methods to help shape and conserve our environment’s future. It blends the science behind environmental systems with the theory needed to manage and protect them.

The Saint Mary’s approach

Science coursework can cover a range of subjects, like environmental science, biology, chemistry, geology, and geography, combined with environmental policy, management, monitoring approaches. You will have the flexibility to take elective courses from almost any department of the university, including economics, sociology, political science, business, and International development studies.

Tailor your undergraduate Science degree to your interests. We offer a Major, Honours and Minor in Environmental Science. If you’re majoring in arts or commerce, you may also combine a Minor in Environmental Science.

An ideal setting

Saint Mary’s is an ideal setting to study environmental topics, with access to marine and terrestrial environments close by, including The Oaks Forest Living Laboratory. Professors are linked to unique knowledge-sharing centres like Coastal CURA and the Atlantic Centre for Green Chemistry. Saint Mary’s is also home to facilities like the Green Roof Testing Facility and the Centre for Environmental Analysis and Remediation.

Sample courses offered:

  • Environmental Challenges
  • Environmental Science: Energy, Resources, and Pollution
  • Contaminants
  • Green Chemistry
  • Environmental Monitoring and Auditing

Future career opportunities:

  • Fishery, forestry or mining analyst
  • Conservation scientist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Policy analyst
  • Remediation specialist

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“The Environmental Science program is very hands-on and with the smaller class sizes, you get to know everyone in your class along with your professors. Some of the professors are environmental professionals who teach part-time. This enables the students to learn about what it is like to work in the “real world” on real environmental projects.”

 – Christa Skinner BSc ENVS’13 (Valedictorian) and MSc in Applied Science ‘16

Christa is currently working as an Environmental Program Officer for Environment and Climate Change Canada.



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