Student employment

SMUworks is a bursary-based student employment program that benefits faculty, staff and students alike. Working a part-time job while you study, and/or a full-time job during the summer months, can help fund your education and provide you with valuable training and experience that will help you obtain employment when you graduate.

Students must:

  1. Demonstrate financial need;
  2. Have a GPA of 1.7 or higher;
  3. Be registered full-time for the academic year (academic session) and full-time for the next academic year (summer session);
  4. Be completing a degree or diploma program at Saint Mary’s University (TSL, Upgrading and Visiting students are not eligible);

Each position has different criteria so be sure to look at all of the positions and see which ones fit your interest and future goals! Students can apply for as many positions as they would like, but can only be employed in one SMUworks position during each session. Just like in the real world, each position on Career 360 requires an individual application package.