Government student loans

Information for future students

The Government of Canada and most provincial and territorial governments work together to deliver federal and provincial student loan and grant programs.

Students are responsible for meeting the basic costs of post-secondary education. The purpose of government student financial assistance is to supplement the financial resources that you and your family contribute. Assistance is based on financial need as established by the assessment of your student loan application.

You only need to submit one application through your provincial student loan office to apply for both federal and provincial student loan funding. To qualify for a full-time loan, you must be registered in a minimum of nine credit hours (12 credit hours for Newfoundland). Students with less than full-time credit hours can apply for a part-time student loan through their province of residency. For information on eligibility and how to apply, visit the link to your provincial/territorial office below.

Provincial Student Loan Offices


Processing Your Student Loan 

Once you have applied for your student loan, complete your registration for both the fall and winter terms no later than August 1. Full-time student loans are sent directly to the Service Centre. In early August, the number of courses you are taking and your tuition and fees for the academic year will be confirmed. Information about the processing of your student loan can be provided by your province. This process is continued in December, May, and July for the winter, spring and summer terms.

Withdrawing from Courses

Be cautious of dropping classes while on student loans because it may affect your funding. To avoid issues, contact your provincial student aid office before dropping a course.

Interest-Free Request (Schedule 2)

If you had a student loan in the past, but do not plan to get a student loan for the current academic year, you will want to complete an interest-free request to ensure that your past loan does not go into repayment. These requests are typically required in September.

How to initiate an interest-free request online for AB, BC, MB*, NB, NL, NS, PE*, SK & YT (*provincial paper form also required): 

  1. Visit the Government of Canada website.
  2. Login to your NSLSC account to confirm your enrolment
  3. Submit a copy of the Confirmation of Enrolment

The request will be sent straight to the university and will be completed by the Service Centre. Processing by the lender takes up to 12 business days and it is the student’s responsibility to verify with the lender that the updated information has been received.


Repaying Your Student Loan

If you’ve received a student loan in the past, contact your provincial student loan office if you plan to return to school in the fall. Otherwise, your student loan will enter repayment.

Repayment is when you begin paying back your student loan because you are no longer attending a post-secondary institution. This begins six months after you’ve left school. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account at the end of each month.

If are returning to a post-secondary institution and you have applied for a full-time loan for the fall/winter semester, your previous student loan will not enter repayment.

If you’re returning to full-time studies in the fall and are no longer receiving a student loan, you need to submit a Schedule 2 – Conformation of Enrolment form. Otherwise, your previous loan will enter repayment. Processing may take up to 15 business days. Students should contact the National Student Loans Service Centre to verify that a Schedule 2 has been completed.

Find more information about loan repayment on the Government of Canada website