Information for accepted students

An instructor giving a lesson to a few students

Steps to Register

Now that you've been accepted, it's time to register for your courses. The below video will take you through a tutorial of these steps.

  1. Activate Your Account
  2. First-Year Course Requirements
  3. Visit Self-Service Banner and select Enter Secure Area
  4. Check Your Schedule

Activating Your Self-Service Banner

Self-Service Banner is a site that allows students to look up and register for courses, access course and exam schedules, and view their academic transcript.

To use Self-Service Banner (SSB), you must first activate your SMU account to receive your SSB login credentials ( email address and password). Your initial temporary PIN is your date of birth in the format of DD/MM/YY (YY is the last two digits of the year).

Activate Your Account

The Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains course descriptions, program and graduation requirements, as well as Saint Mary’s University regulations and policies.

View the Academic Calendar

The Registration Process

Here's a more detailed look at the process of evaluating your program requirements and options and creating a timetable before registering for your courses.