School of the Environment

School of the Environment

Students working on the coast

The School of the Environment is the hub for environmental education, research and outreach at Saint Mary’s University. It brings together students and professors from all of the university’s programs that are explicitly environmental in focus:

  • B.E.S. degree - Bachelor of Environmental Studies
  • B.A. degree with Major/Minor/Honours in Geography
  • B.Sc. degree with Major/Minor/Honours in Environmental Science
  • B.Sc. degree with Major/Minor/Honours in Geography

In the School of the Environment students learn to apply knowledge from many academic disciplines to solve complex problems related to sustainability of the global environment in the face of human development.

Our curriculum is far-reaching and includes such areas as:

  • Energy, Resources and Pollution
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Green Chemistry
  • Environmental Management and Policy
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Physical and Human Geography
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Remote Sensing
  • Environmental Contaminants
  • Habitat Conservation

The School of the Environment encourages interdisciplinary and community collaboration among researchers, government agencies, local groups, and national organizations committed to environmental education, research, and sustainability.

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School of the Environment
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