Seminars and Webinars

Sustainable Resource Management Webinar Series 2021-22

SMU Community-Based Forest Management (the Community Forests webinar)

SMU Community-Based Watershed Monitoring (the webinar by Dr. Parlee)

SMU Community-Based Environmental Research (the webinar by Dr. Zurba)

Exploring Indigenous Landscapes

With Shalan Joudry (Mi’kmaw poet, storyteller, singer, artist, ecologist, L'sɨtkuk - Bear River First Nation)
and Trudy Sable (Community Engaged Research Facilitator, Saint Mary’s University)

Discussion and Mi’kmaw Lessons with Bernie Francis

Speak Mi'kmaw with Bernie Francis (Mi'kmaw Elder and Linguist)

Short Video: Three Birds

Short Video: Greetings

Featured Lectures

"IPBES & Biodiversity: Something new or more of the same?"

by Jake Rice (Chief Scientist – Emeritus, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Co-Chair – IPBES Regional Assessment for the Americas) - January 22, 2021

"Natural solutions: How Canada can fight climate change and wildlife loss"

by Megan Leslie (President and CEO, WWF Canada) - October 28, 2020

Two-eyed Seeing: Knowledge for Environmental Decisions

by Elder Albert Marshall, Eskasoni First Nation, Nova Scotia, Canada

Additional Featured Lectures

Faculty and Student Seminars