The Study of Religion Program

Why study religion?

If you find world religions fascinating, the Study of Religion program may be for you. Explore topics like religions and science or religions in relation to contemporary culture on subjects like ethics, love and death.

The Study of Religion program involves the comparative study of religions, traditional and modern ideas about faiths, rituals, beliefs, and what they show about gender, death, conflict, death, diversity, ethics, spirituality, love, and new religious movements.

The Saint Mary’s approach

At Saint Mary’s, a wide selection of courses is offered by a diverse faculty, applying a multidisciplinary perspective to religion and culture. The program allows students the flexibility to pair their degree with either Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Geography, Political Science, History, English, or Classics. There are numerous opportunities for academic awards, including the Regis College Award.

Hands-on learning

Students have many opportunities for international academic exchange. Our Study of Religion students have studied abroad in Uganda and joined the Peaceful Schools International program in Northern Ireland.

Sample courses offered:

  • Introduction to Comparative Religion
  • Women and Religion Today
  • Buddhist Religious Tradition
  • Religions and Film
  • Religion and International Development
  • The Islamic Religious Tradition

Plus introductory courses from programs such as History, English, Anthropology, Psychology, Classics Sociology, Criminology, Political Science, and Geography

Future career opportunities:

  • Teacher
  • Human rights and diversity worker
  • Cultural liaison
  • Social worker
  • Librarian
  • Historian
  • Mediator
  • Counselor
  • Clergy

What our students are saying

“I was able to learn about a society that is very much still post-conflict, from an era of political/religious conflict. We had the opportunity to work with students in Belfast and meet some amazing people. It’s not often that one gets to research in a foreign country for their undergrad.”

- Jenna-Leigh Wilson BA'11, who travelled to Northern Ireland with the Conflict Resolution Society

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