Asian Studies Program

Why pursue Asian Studies?

Pursuing Asian Studies will allow you to explore the people and culture of Asia while giving you the opportunity to learn foreign languages. All the while, you’ll develop skills in comparative reasoning, critical thinking, communications, and cultural sensitivity.

The Saint Mary’s approach

By undertaking a multidisciplinary study of Asia, you will cultivate an understanding of Asian societies. We have a particular focus on China and Japan, but also offer courses related to Vietnam, Korea and India.

The Asian Studies program at Saint Mary's is the largest program of its kind east of Montreal. With a focus on Asia-related studies, we offer courses in anthropology, geography, history, language, and religion. Through the University's many international agreements, students can study overseas in China, Japan, and Korea.

Sample courses offered:

  • Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Japanese
  • Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese
  • Family in China
  • Introduction to Chinese Culture
  • Survey of East Asian History
  • History of Japan
  • Introduction to Asian Film
  • Chinese Film and Literature Geography of Japan

Future career opportunities:

  • Cultural liaison
  • Journalist
  • Political analyst
  • Civil servant
  • Teacher
  • Intelligence officer
  • Foreign policy analyst

What our students are saying

“The professors are extremely knowledgeable and offer a variety of interesting courses. There is something for everyone.”

-Alexandria Dugal BA'12, Major in Asian Studies and Minor in History

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