Asian Studies

Founded in 1975, the Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Program at Saint Mary's University aims to: 

  • introduce Canadian students to the peoples and societies of Asia;
  • help students understand Canada's changing role in global society, especially Canada's relationship with Asia; and
  • help prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including (but not limited to) the diplomatic service, international trade and industry, and secondary and university teaching.

The program is built around an informed knowledge of Asian languages and cultures.  In addition to course work we make every effort to assist students' travel to Asia in order to experience some of this vast continent for themselves.  Saint Mary's regularly sends students to study and live in China, Japan, and Korea, and in the past has sent students to India and Vietnam as well. (For a map showing Saint Mary's partners in Japan click here, and for a list of all our exchange partners click here.)

Saint Mary's University is the only institution in the Atlantic Provinces offering a comprehensive degree-granting program in Asian Studies.  Students may enroll in the honours program, the major, or a minor in Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, or Japanese Studies.  There are also the Certificate of Chinese Studies (CER CHST) and the Certificate of Japanese Studies (CER JPST) offered by the Department of Languages and Cultures.  The interdisciplinary nature of all of these degrees allows students to simultaneously pursue other degree options offered at the university, and the program encourages students to consider declaring double majors or taking one of the Asian Studies minors in conjunction with another major.

For the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary's University please click here.

Faculty of Arts
Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Program
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