Student Forms

*To ensure your form is successfully submitted please:

  • Download the form and save it to your computer.
  • Fill out the form, save it and then send.


Academic (Grades) Appeals Form

  • To appeal an official final grade.
  • Required signatures on page two must be included before submitting to the Office of the Registrar.
  • For more information on final grade appeals, click here.

Academic Forgiveness Request Form (PDF)

  • Students who have returned after a period of absence (3 or more years) or successfully switched their degree and demonstrate acceptable academic performance following the absence or switch may apply for Academic Forgiveness.
  • All criteria must be met to be considered for Academic Forgiveness. (see form for criteria)
  • Return the completed form to

Academic Integrity Incident Report (form)

  • For faculty use only

Academic Integrity Appeal Form (form)

 Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal Form (PDF)

  • Students may appeal an academic suspension or dismissal in cases of health issues, bereavement and/or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Email the completed form along with supporting documentation to your Faculty Advising Office

Certificate Program Application (PDF)

  • Use this form if you are a current student wishing to pursue a certificate in addition to your current program.
  • Students not currently enrolled at Saint Mary’s University who wish to complete a certificate program must apply through the Admissions Office.

Change of Permanent Address (PDF)

  • Required to change your permanent address.

Change of Degree or Program (PDF)

  • Use this form to change your current degree program and/or add a second degree program.
  • Approval is required by your Faculty Advising Office.

Change of Personal Information (PDF)

  • Use this form to request to change personal information on your record (Residency, DOB etc.)
  • Documentation will be required.

Consent Release Form (PDF)

  • To authorize consent for a third party to access your student information.
  • Can be submitted: scanned and sent via email to from your SMU email account.

Dean's List Application (PDF)

  • Use this form if you do not fall into one of these categories but fall into one of the categories found on the form:
    • New students who have completed at least 24 credit hours from May to April with a GPA of 3.7 or above.
    • Returning students who have completed at least 30 credit hours from May to April with a GPA of 3.7 or above.
  • Submit form to

Directed Study Application 

  • To be used if the academic unit wishes to offer a student either an approved directed study course or a regular approved course that is not offered in the current academic session. This form also serves as permission for Enrolment Services to register the student.

Graduation Application 

  • To apply to graduate for an upcoming convocation ceremony.
  • Applying to graduate does not guarantee your eligibility for graduation. For additional graduation information, click here.
  • Please ensure you download the form before filling it in.
  • Return completed form by email to

 Graduation Gown Rental (PDF)

  • For students who wish to rent gown rental before or after convocation ceremonies. 
  • Please email form to

 Graduate in Absentia 

  Link to the online Graduate in Absentia Form.

  • For students who will be graduating in an upcoming convocation ceremony but will not be attending the ceremony.
  • This form must be submitted in addition to the Application for Graduation.
  • For additional graduation information, click here.

 Graduation Application Withdrawal 

  • To withdraw from a potential graduation list in order to return to active student status.
  • Please ensure you download the form before filling it in.
  • Return completed form by email to

 Honours Application (PDF)

  • Fill out the top portion of this form and submit to the Chairperson of the department in which you are applying for Honours.
  • For additional information on Honours programs, please click here.

Invitation Letter Request

  • To invite friends and family members from outside of Canada to a convocation ceremony, students will need to request an Applied to Graduate Letter from the Service Centre. Requests can be made by email.

Late Course Registration

  • Student must visit their Faculty Undergraduate Advising Centre, or the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, as below for Late registration and is subject to approval.
  • Visiting or Upgrading Students: Student must visit the Advising Office in the faculty offering the course(s) for which they intend to register for.
  • Undergraduate Advising
  • Graduate Studies and Research

Letter of Permission Request Form- Undergraduate Students (PDF)

  • Use this form if you are a current Undergraduate student who wishes to take a course(s) at another academic institution for transfer credit towards an academic program at Saint Mary’s University.
  • Submit application to

   Graduate Letter of Permission Request Form (PDF)

  • Use this form if you are a Current Graduate Studies student who wishes to take a course(s) at another academic institution for transfer credit towards an academic program at Saint Mary’s University.
  • Submit application to

Major/Minor Declaration (PDF)

Pass/No Credit Grading Option Request Form

Pass/No Credit (P/NC) is a grading option for students as outlined in Academic Regulation 5. To learn more about this grading option, visit the P/NC website by clicking here.

Potential Graduate Letter (Formerly Degree Completion Letter)

The intention of this letter is to validate the date of a student's upcoming graduation and the degree/diploma/certificate which will be awarded.

  • Students who have applied to graduate AND have finished all of their courses may apply for a Degree Completion Letter. Students must have a graduation status of: Pending Winter Graduation, Pending Spring Graduation or Pending Fall Graduation. This status can be viewed on the Degree Awarded box of the Academic Transcript in Self Service Banner.
  • Students can make a request for a Degree Completion Letter online through Self Service Banner:
    • Student Records
    • Request Confirmation Letter
    • Please follow instructions provided
  • After a request is made, Degree Completion Letters will be emailed directly to the student once their Graduation audit is completed

Preferred/Chosen Name

  • Your preferred/chosen name can be updated via your Self-Service account:
    • Login to Self-Service and click on the Personal Information tab. 
    • Click on My Profile and then on the personal information box.
    • Update your preferred name under Personal Details

   Registration Appeal 

  • Registration appeals are for exceptional cases that have impacted your ability to study and complete course requirements.
  • Appeals must include professional supporting documentation.


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Undergraduate Letter of Permission Request Form (PDF)