Registration Waitlist

Waitlist registration is offered for select courses. This process is available for students who wish to register for a course that is at capacity. Students on the waitlist will not be guaranteed a seat in the course, however waitlists will be monitored and seats will be made available at the discretion of the University up to the final day to add/change courses in the term.

When a waitlist is offered, students are required to use this function rather than contact the instructor or Academic Advisor directly to request an override. Students should confirm they meet the requirements for the course before attempting to register or join the waitlist.

Students will need to monitor their email for a notification about an opening in the course, and take action within 24 hours if a seat becomes available.


How to use Waitlist Registration

If you attempt to register for a course in Self-Service Banner that is at capacity, you will see a C under Select, meaning the course is Closed. The remaining seats (Rem) will be 0, and the Waitlist (WL) will show how many waitlist spots are available. You will receive an error message preventing you from registering. If there is a waitlist offered for the course, and available space on the waitlist, you can add yourself to the list and register for the course when a seat opens by following these instructions.

Please note: If your desired course has a corresponding lab/recitation, you will need to follow different steps than those listed below. Please review the Waitlist Steps for Labs and Recitations for details. 

1. Copy the CRN for the course and click Add to Worksheet. 

2. Paste the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet and submit changes.

3. A Registration Add Error will appear. The course is marked Closed, and indicates the number of students on the waitlist. Select Waitlisted from the Action drop-down menu and submit changes. You are now added to the waitlist for this course. The course you have been waitlisted for will appear on your Concise Student Schedule for your reference and does not confirm registration in the course. 

4. If a seat becomes available for the course, you will receive an email notification.
Monitor your email for a message from

5. If you receive an email with permission to register, you will have 24 hours from the timestamp indicated in the email to register for the course. Registration is always available online unless undergoing system maintenance.

6. To register, return to the Add or Drop classes menu in Self-Service Banner.

7. Find the waitlisted course, select **Web Registered** from the drop-down menu and submit changes. You will now be registered for the course.

8. If you no longer wish to register for the course, select Web Drop.

9. After 24 hours, if you have not registered for the waitlisted course, the offer will expire and the seat will be offered to another student on the waitlist.

If you have questions about course selection and joining a waitlist, contact your Academic Advising Office. If you need assistance using the waitlist function in Banner, contact the Service Centre.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all courses offer a waitlist?
Not all courses and not all sections of a course will offer a waitlist. Beginning in December 2022, only select courses will offer waitlists as the University launches the pilot project. You can see if a course offers a waitlist by checking the Waitlist (WL) capacity on the registration page in Banner.

Faculties and Enrolment Services determine which courses offer waitlists and may limit the number of positions on a waitlist. Waitlists will only become available once a section is at capacity, and multiple sections of a course may offer a waitlist. 

Can I see how many other students are on the waitlist?
When you follow the steps to add yourself to a waitlist, you can see how many students are currently waitlisted under Status. You can see your position on the waitlist once you add yourself to the list. The waitlist operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so if seats become available or another student drops the course, the student at the top of the list will be offered the first seat, and so on.

Do waitlisted courses count toward my registered credit hours?
No, waitlist courses do not count toward your registered credit hours. Only courses in which you are fully enrolled count toward your registration status, and only completed courses count toward fulfilled credit hours. You can add yourself to multiple waitlists, but you cannot enroll for more than the maximum number of credit hours allowed for the term.

Can I waitlist for a course if I'm already registered in another section?
If you're registered for a course in an upcoming term, but another section better suits your schedule and offers a waitlist, you may add yourself to the waitlist for the preferred section. Based on availability, there is no guarantee of getting a seat in that section. Remember that you can't be registered in multiple sections of the same course, so if you receive permission to register in the preferred section, you will need to drop the section that's currently in your schedule.

If a course has multiple sections, and there are waitlists offered, you may add yourself to one or more waitlists for the course.

I’m on a waitlist. When will I know if I will get a seat in the class?
Waitlists are available until the final day to add courses in a term (check the Academic Calendar for dates). Monitor your email for the notification from about a seat becoming available in the course. Seats are made available when the course capacity is adjusted and when other students in the class change their schedules.

It’s not guaranteed that joining a waitlist will give you a seat in the course. After the final day to add courses for the term, the waitlist will close and no further registration will be permitted. If you have concerns about your ability to register for the course, contact your Academic Advising Office

I missed the 24-hour deadline to register for my waitlist course. What do I do?
In order to make the waitlist process fair and efficient for all students on the list, each student will have 24 hours to register for the course if a seat is offered to them. If you miss the 24-hour deadline to register, your offer will expire and you will need to follow the steps to add yourself to the waitlist again. If you are on a waitlist, make sure to check your email daily for a notification from 

What happens after the last day to add if you are still on a waitlist?                                      Students cannot register for a course or be added to a course waitlist once the deadline to add courses has passed. If you have not received an email notifying you to register for the course and are still on the waitlist following the last day to add courses, you will not be registered for the course.

Does being on a waitlist guarantee a spot in the course?                                                                 No, being on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the course. The waitlist is a way for students who wish to register for a course that is full to be notified if a spot becomes available. If you are not registered in the course by the deadline to add courses, you will not be added to the course.

Who can I reach out to for assistance?                                                                                                     If you have any questions regarding course selection or the waitlist process, you can reach out directly to your Academic Advising Office. For any technical issues, please contact the Service Centre.