What is Self Service Banner?

Self Service Banner is a student information system that allows you to:

  • Register for courses
  • Pay fees
  • View your class schedule
  • View your final grades
  • Order official transcripts
  • Print Canadian tax forms
  • Change your personal information
  • Access online resources

I can’t login to Self Service Banner. What do I do?

To log onto Self Service Banner, use your student number and PIN.

Student number: This is you’re A# Make sure you are using a capital A.
PIN: If you are logging on for the first time, your default PIN is your date of birth in the format of DDMMYY.

If your PIN has been disabled, contact the Service Centre.

When can I register?

Registration for the each academic year (September – April) typically begins in March.
Registration for summer sessions typically begins in February.

Check our Registration Dates to find out when you are eligible to register.

The system will not let me register. What is wrong?

Visit our Common Registration Problems.

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course you must successfully complete (either in a previous year or term) in preparation for a more advanced class. If you do not have the necessary prerequisites, you cannot register for the course in question.

What is a CRN (Course Reference Number)?

A Course Reference Number (CRN) is a 5 digit number associated with each course/lab/recitation. The first digit in the number indicates the term in which the course is offered.

  • 1XXXX = September - December courses
  • 2XXXX = January - April courses
  • 3XXXX = May - June courses
  • 4XXXX = July - August courses
  • 5XXXX = May - August Graduate level courses

Where can I view my timetable?

Your timetable can be viewed on Self Service Banner.

Where is my class located?

View our Classroom Codes.

What happens if I drop a class?

If you decide to drop a course after the deadline, there may be financial and academic consequences.

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