Making a Timetable

Before registering for courses, create a timetable.  This will help you collect important class information and avoid a time conflict.

Start by printing the Timetable Worksheet .

Tip: How many classes should you take?

To be considered a full-time undergraduate student, you need to be registered in a minimum of 3 courses per term (9 credit hours).

Undergraduate students are considered part-time when they take 1 or 2 courses per term (3 or 6 credit hours).

A full course load typically consists of 5 courses per term (15 credit hours).

You cannot register for more than 6 courses per term (18 credit hours).

Manage your time

  • Double-check all class times. You cannot register for two courses offered at the same time.
  • Take a manageable number of classes. You are not required to take a full course load. (Note: Taking fewer courses may extend the length of your degree.)
  • Many courses include labs and recitations. Make sure you leave enough time for assignments and studying for exams.
  • Distribute your courses evenly over the week and try not to schedule more than two classes in a row. 

Write down your course information

Once you’ve selected your classes, fill in your timetable.  Write down necessary course information like your Class subject and course number (e.g. ACCT 1205).

Course Reference Number (CRN)

A CRN or Course Reference Number is a unique 5-digit number associated with each course/lab/recitation. The CRN for each course can be found in the "Look Up Classes" menu on Self Service Banner between the "Select" and "Subject" columns.

1XXXX = September - December courses
2XXXX = January - April courses
3XXXX = May - June courses
4XXXX = July - August courses
5XXXX = May - August Graduate level courses

Ask us for help

If you need help selecting courses for your degree, you can speak with an Academic Advisor.

If you need help building your timetable or registering online, contact The Centre for New Students at 902-491-8691 or