Support is never far away

A student advisor shows a student something on a piece of paper.

There are many support services offered on campus to help you succeed as a student at Saint Mary's and build for your future.

Undergraduate Program Advisors

Academic advisors are committed to providing a supportive environment that focuses on individual student needs and prioritizes your educational, professional, and personal development. As your advisors, we can help you identify your goals, strengths, and interests to help you make informed decisions.

Advisors can help with:

  • Planning your degree
  • Choosing your courses
  • Confirming program requirements
  • Understanding university regulations, policies and processes
  • Accessing student supports
  • Faculty grading schemes
  • Understand your transfer credits
  • Taking courses at other universities (letter of permission)

Professors who know you

With average introductory class sizes of just 30, you will not only feel connected to other students, but you'll also be able to get to know your professors.

A professor talks with two students in the hallway

Having a solid relationship with professors creates a supportive environment. Compared to large institutions with big classes, it's easier to ask questions, seek clarification, or even just have a friendly chat about the subject you love. 

When professors know you well, they can provide invaluable advice and mentorship. They can recognize your strengths and weaknesses and help you navigate your academic journey more effectively. When it's time to apply for internships, jobs, or grad school, they'll be the ones who can write glowing recommendation letters that genuinely capture your potential.

Great professors make university life richer, more meaningful, and set you up for success beyond graduation.


Explore other resources available to help with student life on campus, doing well in your degree and various personal matters. 

  • Academic Advisors in each faculty
  • Black Student Advisor
  • Indigenous Student Advisor
  • Student Success Centre
  • Peer Mentors
  • Career & Experiential Learning
  • The Counselling Centre
  • Digital Learning Services
  • Fred Smithers Centre for Student Accessibility
  • Student Health Clinic
  • Science Numeracy & Academic Proficiency (SNAP) Centre
  • Global Learning Services
  • International Student Centre
  • Patrick Power Library
  • The Studio for Teaching and Learning
  • The Writing Centre
  • JumpStart workshops to introduce students to academic expectations