A strong reputation

Saint Mary's has been building an excellent reputation since its founding in 1802. Today it is a nationally-recognized institution with a wide range of highly-regarded programs. Our students are known for leaving Saint Mary's ready for the academic and professional challenges that await them.

Highly ranked nationally

Saint Mary's has consistently ranked in the top-5 primarily undergraduate universities in the country according to the 2024 Maclean's University Rankings. We're currently ranked number three and top-ranked for student awards and second place for scholarships and bursaries.

A tradition of academic excellence

About 98% of our full-time professors have their Ph.D., which is more than any other university in the province. These accomplished professors bring their depth of experience to the classroom. 

Within our academic faculties, there are hundreds of researchers (professors, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, technicians, graduate students and senior undergraduate students) working on hundreds of research topics.

Saint Mary's prides itself on a vast array of theoretical and basic research, but also research activities that link the University in practical ways to communities beyond our campus (e.g. government departments and ministries, private companies, industrial associations, citizen groups and associations, and international agencies and organizations).

Many undergraduate Saint Mary's students have the opportunity to take part in these research projects, something that's often not possible at larger universities.

A strong culture of engaged alumni

Those who have been part of the Saint Mary's community (we call them "Santamarians") are typically the university's biggest supporters. Saint Mary's has one of the most engaged and generous alumni communities in Canada. You can see it at our sports games, but just as importantly, you can see it at social events across Canada and the world where alumni gather, tell stories and network. After Saint Mary's, wherever you find yourself in the world, there's likely a Santamarian nearby to offer support, advice or opportunity.

A history of athletic success

University isn't all about academics. If you follow sports, you are likely aware that Saint Mary's has a long history and an enviable record of varsity athletic success on the field, the court and the ice.

You can be part of that proud tradition as a SMU Huskies player or as a supporter. Either way, you can always find something to cheer about.