Visiting University Students

If you are currently enrolled in a degree or diploma program at another university and would like to take courses at Saint Mary’s, you can apply as a visiting student. Applications are accepted year-round. Before you apply, it is important that you ensure the courses you complete at Saint Mary’s are transferable to your degree at your home institution. This generally means obtaining a letter of permission that lets us know that you have the approval to register in classes at Saint Mary’s.

Here is how you can apply to Saint Mary’s as a Visiting Student: 

  1. Complete and mail the application for admission.
  2. Send supporting documentation, including a letter of intent indicating your intended duration of study, the intended field of study, confirmation that you are applying for undergraduate study and your email address.
  3. Obtain a letter of permission issued by your home institution advising us that you are in good academic standing there.
  4. Register for classes online through Self Service Banner. You can find your SMU ID number in your letter of acceptance. 

Note: Saint Mary's University does not require official testing scores from visiting students, but expects that undergraduate students have English proficiency equivalent to our minimum English proficiency requirements. If testing scores are not available, please submit a written statement issued by the international office or by a faculty member which attests that your English skills are adequate for undergraduate university study.

If you are a participant in an international exchange program from one of our partner universities, please send your application to:

Miyuki Arai, International Activities
Saint Mary’s University
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3

Phone: 902-496-8725

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