Mature students

To qualify for admission as a mature applicant, you must:  

  • Be at least twenty-two years of age, 
  • Have been out of high school for at least five years, 
  • Have not attended another post-secondary institution or be admissible as a transfer or high school applicant.  

Through educational upgrading, work experience or community volunteer work, mature applicants must show an ability to benefit from university-level education. Mature Applicants must meet or exceed the minimum core course requirements for their intended program.  

  • Bachelor of Arts:  English 12 
  • Bachelor of Commerce:  English 12 and Mathematics 12 
  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies:  English 12  
  • Bachelor of Science:  English 12, Precalculus 12, one grade 12 academic lab science 
  • Diploma in Engineering:  English 12, Precalculus 12, Chemistry 12, one academic 12 science course (Physics recommended) 

Those who do not meet the minimum core course requirements are encouraged to consider upgrading through Saint Mary's UPrep courses offered through the Admissions Office. For more information or advice on which courses to take to meet these requirements, please contact the UPrep team directly by emailing  

Applying as a mature student

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Request that your high school sends us an official copy of your most recent transcript/results. Note: Those who went to a public high school in Nova Scotia in the last ten years may not need to provide transcripts ifyou can provide your ten-digit provincial student ID number. If you have questions about this, please contact the Admissions Office (  
  3. Request transcripts for any upgrading courses you have completed to be sent to the Admissions Office. You may also be able to upload unofficial copies yourself to your online application portal. 
  4. Prepare a personal statement in support of your application. Please include information on your educational upgrading, work experience, and/or community volunteer experience since leaving high school. 
  5. You may be contacted by our Admissions team to arrange an interview or provide additional information.