Guiding principles were developed with two objectives in mind: in the short term, to guide the preparation of the Campus Plan; in the long term, to guide decision-making in the development of the campus.

  • The Plan should provide enough fl exibility to implement the University's Strategic Priorities over the long term
  • The Plan should assist the University in a continued emphasis on excellence in teaching and research
  • The Plan should help strengthen physical and virtual linkages with the world at large
  • The McNally Building should remain the 'front door' to the campus
  • The Campus should be accessible to all
  • Campus growth should be mindful of its neighbours
  • Campus growth should be based on the principles of sustainable development and demonstrate proactive and responsible stewardship for Campus green space.
  • The Campus should become a vibrant area throughout the day and in all seasons and offer an excellent quality of life
  • The Campus should provide a network of high quality open spaces and a pedestrian priority environment
  • The Campus should encourage a strong sense of community, interdisciplinary collaboration and informal interaction
  • New buildings and additions that complement existing facilities should be integrated into the campus fabric
  • Campus improvements and development will reflect the University's commitment to fiscal responsibility

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