Growth Potential

The Current Campus

Today, Saint Mary's provides 765,000 square feet (sf) of teaching, research and support space which accommodates a campus population of 8,278 FTE, including students, faculty and staff. In addition, 331,500 sf is provided in residence buildings of 1,200 beds. The ratio of teaching, research, support space to the campus population is approximately 93 square feet per person (9 square metres). This number is substantially lower than other Canadian universities which provide between 129 sf (12 sm) and 194 sf (18 sm) per person. Potential building opportunities identified in the plan range from 630,000 to 980,000 square feet depending on the number of storeys for each building (see details by building and proposed concept plan). The Plan is an ultimate scenario, and assumes the eventual removal of all on-campus houses (with the exception of the Stanfield Mansion), the Alumni Arena and the Burke Building, for a total of 95,000 square feet.

The Proposed Campus Plan

The campus build-out as contemplated by this Plan accommodates between 1.6 and 2.0 million square feet or 48 to 81 percent more space than today. The build-out scenario supports a net increase of up to 850,000 total sf or 815,000 sf of teaching, research and support space (106% of the current floor area). By allocating all new buildings except the proposed residence (S1) to teaching, research and support space, this new building area could theoretically bring the space/population ratio up to 129 sf per person (12 sm) - a standard that is more consistent with the Canadian average and creates the opportunity to accommodate an additional campus population of 4,000.

The concept does not prescribe campus growth but identifies opportunities for new buildings and additions, all of which will likely not be built within the timeframe of 30 years anticipated by this Plan.

The Plan identifies 1,118 parking spaces - many in structured facilities - compared to 886 today. This represents an increase in parking of 26 percent. The provision of parking in structured facilities requires that the University dedicate sufficient revenue to build parking facilities and simultaneously promote alternative modes of transportation in a cohesive, proactive and comprehensive fashion.

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