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Meet the Saint Mary's Brand

A fresh way to tell the SMU story.

A brand is more than a logo, a look or a tagline.

It’s the story we tell about Saint Mary’s University and a promise about the experience we offer.

Our brand platform captures the qualities that make Saint Mary’s University special. It helps us speak consistently and powerfully to our many audiences across the institution and around the world.

  • What sets Saint Mary’s University apart and how is it different from other institutions?
  • Why should a potential student or faculty member consider Saint Mary’s?
  • Why should an existing student, faculty or staff member stay?
  • What’s the legacy of the institution and what are its plans for the future?

You’ll find answers here.

Saint Mary's University's Brand Policy outlines the governance, roles and responsibilities related to our brand.

To learn more about External Affairs, university communications or to submit a request for communications materials, please visit our web pages.