How to Use the Brand

Saint Mary's is a perfectly sized university with deep community connections that leaves a lasting impression.

But more than all of this, the university represents the possibility for our students, staff and faculty.  The possibility to explore knowledge, solve problems and create a better future.  The possibility to do right by the people and communities that we care about. The possibility to serve.

More than a campus or university experience, Saint Mary's represents an idea worth striving for.

In order to tell this captivating story and express our brand, it's important to respect the integrity, longevity and strength of Saint Mary's brand identity that's been established over time. 

By following our Brand Standards, we ensure that we portray the brand consistently and authentically. In doing so, we guarantee its continued ability to embody and unify the various disciplines, accomplishments and tradition of excellence that Saint Mary's represents.

These guidelines have been developed to help the Saint Mary’s community communicate in a consistent and cohesive way that is true to our brand story. By following these guidelines and best practices, you help clarify, elevate and amplify our messages.

Saint Mary's University's Brand Policy provides more information on the governance and roles and responsibilities related to our brand.

Explore the following sections to learn how to effectively embody the Saint Mary's University Brand across various contexts.

To learn more about External Affairs, university communications or to submit a request for communications materials, please visit our web pages.

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