About the Brand

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Our brand platform was created to describe the qualities that set Saint Mary’s University apart and to articulate our distinctive position in the post-secondary sector. This platform helps us tell a consistent, authentic and inspiring story to the world.

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Our brand attributes

Our attributes capture the university - our programs, people, values and vision:

  • Care + Community
  • International
  • Values
  • Impact
  • People
  • Place

Our brand promise

To create the space for possibility. This is what students, faculty, staff and alumni can expect from Saint Mary’s.

Our brand essence


Our brand values

Saint Mary’s University envisions an idealized state and world that is

  • Inclusive
  • Sustainable
  • Diverse
  • Positive
  • Resilient

In addition to recruitment, fundraising and communications, the Saint Mary’s University brand platform is an opportunity to promote subjects that matter to society, our students, faculty and alumni.

Our brand personality

  • Energetic
  • Friendly — Maritime informality
  • Global
  • Focused

Our brand positioning

World Without Limits

A distillation of Saint Mary’s University — right now. The opportunities (limitless) and places (‘world’ can represent the campus, online learning environments or trips or careers around the world).

At the same time, it is aspirational as we recognize that many individuals and communities face significant ‘limits’ and that there is much work to be done to achieve our goal of a World Without Limits.

We can.

To reinforce the idea that Saint Mary’s is constantly striving to push the limits further.

A pyramid with top row: ESSENCE Possibility, Second row: PROMISE To create the  space for possibility. Third row: PERSONALITY Energetic Friendly — Maritime informality Global Focused, Fourth row: VALUES Inclusive • Sustainable • Diverse • Positive • Resilient, Fifth row: ATTRIBUTES Care + Community • International • Values • Impact • People • Place

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