North West Campus

Design Principles

  • Reinforce Saint Mary's presence at the corner of Inglis and Robie Streets with a more animated frontage closer to the street edge.
  • Recognize the continued role of Robie Street and the McNally Building as the ceremonial entrance to the Campus, while improving other Campus edges.
  • Wrestle away the front of McNally from cars. Reduce the size of paved areas, define and screen the space better to enhance the appearance of one of the most important spaces on campus.
  • Modify the front of the McNally Building to provide a welcoming and engaging presence towards Robie Street.
  • Reorganize McNally's indoor spaces to convey the educational and research mission of Saint Mary's more clearly and establish a welcoming space for visitors.
  • Turn the access road to the rear of McNally into a 'living street' that features design cues to slow down traffic and signal that the street is to be shared with pedestrians.

McNally Façade Additions (NW-2)

Sensitive additions that terminate the north and south wings, frame a reconfigured courtyard and provide additional office and meeting spaces, as well as ground floor access. The McNally Arrival Courtyard (OS1a & OS1b) The McNally Arrival Courtyard will demonstrate the ceremonial and symbolic face of the Saint Mary's campus. Vehicular access will be limited and the courtyard will be landscaped to welcome visitors and provide spill-out spaces for the proposed additions.

Rendering of proposed McNally additions

3D View of the McNally Building seen from the south west

Science Building Addition (NW-3) and Theme Garden (OS3)

Replacement of the house at 5960 Inglis Street with a 4-storey building that establishes a stronger presence on Inglis and is aligned with other proposed buildings on Inglis Street. A Theme Garden, to the east of the Science Addition will provide both a place for relaxation and a place for students to study a variety of plant materials. The Theme Garden provides an opportunity to name the space after a prominent figure relevant to Saint Mary's.

The Inglis Street Edge

In collaboration with HRM, the opportunity exists to improve the Inglis Street edge and transform it as an attractive, inviting and compelling gateway to the University with clear entrance points.

3D View of the North West Campus seen from the west

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