Core Campus

Design Principles

  • Make the quadrangle more people-friendly with seating and landscaping.
  • Encourage and clarify pedestrian movement within and through the campus.
  • Improve the interface of existing buildings onto the quad with clear entrances clearly connected to one another.
  • Replace Burke with a new building in the long term to create a stronger edge on Inglis and a transparent and permeable edge to the quad.
  • Extend the quad southwards by lining open space with active uses and improving the space at the rear of the McNally Building.
  • Remove the stadium mound and build a mixed-use Stadium building that integrates retail uses facing the Market Square.
  • Improve the quality of open space with additional seating and outdoor spillout spaces connected to buildings.
  • Improve east-west connectivity to the north and south of the Student Centre.
  • Open up the Library to the quad with a glass addition and entranceway.

The Study Pavilion Concept (C-5)

The Study Pavilion is proposed as a small structure to house social, study and meeting spaces. Large expanses of glazing could open up to the adjacent courtyard. Other amenities should include a fireplace, sofas to facilitate informal meetings and study, and a small coffee kiosk.

The McNally Courtyard (OS4)

This area should be reconfigured to provide a smaller service yard and the balance of the space dedicated to a courtyard space anchored by a Study Pavilion. The Study Pavilion and landscape would be provided as a visual and acoustic separation between the servicing areas and the courtyard.

The Stadium Building (C-6 & OS5)

The mound and bleachers should be replaced with a new Stadium Building that contains a mix of uses, including bleachers, food outlets, retail uses - such as the bookstore - and classrooms. A connection to the Loyola Building can be considered but should maintain pedestrian access between the Residence Terrace and the McNally Courtyard.

Atrium (C-1)

The Atrium would accommodate many of the common spaces currently lacking on campus. The Atrium should have a transparent east façade and the open space at the front should be designed as a spillout space.

Burke Building Replacement (C-2)

The Burke Building should be replaced with a building that positively addresses Inglis Street and campus open spaces. A waiting area for students using public transit should be integrated on the ground floor of the building. The building provides one level of below-grade parking.

3D View of the Main Quad seen from the south.

The Library, Library Entrance (C-3) and Library Recess Infill (C-4)

An additional floor can be added to the Library Building as expansion space and a new entrance created to face the Quad. The entire ground floor of the Library should be integrated with the Atrium as an "Information Commons". The area east of the one-storey section of the Library should be infilled with a two-storey addition.

The University Art Gallery should have a strong link to the Library to create a cultural hub for the University and improve the Gallery's presence on campus and its exposure to visitors and the public. Consideration should be given to a new location for the Art Gallery in close proximity to the Library and Inglis Street.

3D View of the McNally Courtyard and Study Pavilion seen from the north

The Main Quad (OS3)

The Main Quad will be improved as a north-south promenade and include large open areas for gatherings and assemblies. New tree planting will reinforce the geometric layout of the quad at the edges and enhance the random layout of trees in the centre.

3D View of the Core Campus seen from the north

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