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University Policies

‌Saint Mary's University Policies are the single source of Saint Mary's institution-wide policies not otherwise available in other official source publications such as the University Calendar or Collective Agreements.

These policies are divided into several broad subject categories listed below.  Under these categories, there are subsets of policies; Travel Policies within Financial Services and Payroll within Human Resources as an example.

Policymaking at Saint Mary's University is governed by the Policy On Establishing University Policies & Procedures found here: 12-001_PolicyOnPolicyMaking . Any questions about policies or the process for developing policies can be directed to the University Secretary & General Counsel, Claire Milton, at board@smu.ca.


Each policy, procedure, or guideline contains information at the start, including the department responsible for developing and maintaining the document ("owner" of the policy). Any questions concerning a policy should be directed to the responsible department.

Definitions may also support your understanding of the components of policy governance.

To add an approved policy to the University listing, please call Marie Harding at 902-420-5403 or e-mail Marie.Harding@smu.ca


Template (Updated SMU Policy Template 2020-NOV-20)

The policy template is available for download as a word template.


General Inquiries


University Security:

Emergencies: 902-420-5000
Non-emergency line: 902-420-5577

Cancellation/Closure Hotlines:

Students: 902-491-6263
Faculty & Staff: 902-491-6264

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