Policy a policy states the University's position on something and/or outlines an expected behaviour pertaining to a certain activity.
Procedure a procedure operationalizes a policy.
Guidelines suggested approaches, best practices and/or additional information related to a procedure. Guidelines differ from procedure in that compliance is not required.
Issuing Authority a member of the Senior Management Group - will ensure appropriate rigour and due diligence in the development or re-development of University policy and procedure and appoint an Office of Responsibility for each policy. 
Office of Responsibility appointed by the Approver, accountable to:
  • ensure awareness (knowledge and understanding) of University policy and any associated procedure;
  • ensure policy and associated procedure compliance;
  • regularly review policy and associated procedure and ensure consistency with current practice;
  • sponsor needed development or re-development and appoint an appropriate party to lead this activity;

the term 'Office' may refer to a collective body (i.e. Board of Governors, Senate).

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