Code of Student Conduct

Promoting the rights, well-being, and safety of community members at Saint Mary’s University

The Code outlines actions/behaviours which the university considers to be non-academic misconduct offences and the range of remedies and/or sanctions which may be imposed.

The Code applies to all students – if you have a complaint about a staff or faculty member, please see Filing a Complaint for more information on where to direct your concern.

Concerns can be resolved informally or formally

Any member of the Saint Mary’s community (student, staff or faculty) can reach out to discuss a matter and without lodging a formal complaint.

The principles underlying this Code are educational and whenever appropriate the university encourages informal resolution of incidents. However, when necessary due to unacceptable conduct, sanctions will be imposed in the manner described in the Procedures section (page 6 of the document below) to ensure an acceptable community standard is maintained.

Read the full version of the Code of Student Conduct .

This website does not replace or supersede the policies and procedures outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. In the case of any disagreement, the Code of Student Conduct takes precedence.