Other Codes/Policies

Residence Code of Conduct

The Residence Code of Conduct is also bound by the Code of Student Conduct. This means that all sections of the Code of Student Conduct also apply to those living in residence. The Residence Code of Conduct (RCC) outlines additional regulations for living in residence and defines acceptable behaviour. These regulations serve to protect the health, well-being, and safety of the community.

View the Saint Mary’s Residence Code of Conduct.

Academic Regulations

The Academic Regulations apply to all students currently enrolled in any course or program at Saint Mary’s University. These policies and procedures outline the requirements students need to fulfill in order to uphold their academic responsibilities. It also provides an outline of the processes involved in resolving issues when informal resolution is not possible.

View the Academic Regulations at Saint Mary’s University.

Sexual Violence Policy

Saint Mary’s University is committed to promoting a safe educational and working environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Sexual violence will not be tolerated.

Visit the Sexual Violence Support site.

View the Sexual Violence Policy.

Conflict Resolution

Saint Mary's University is committed to promoting an environment, free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, based on the protected characteristics set out in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

View the Policy on Conflict Resolution and the Prevention and Resolution of Harassment and Discrimination

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