Q. What kind of programs and events does residence have?

  • Res AfterDark: interactive weekly events at night to bring students together and provide safe opportunities to have fun with other residence students.
  • Adulting 101: educational programming to teach students life skills
  • RA special projects: including the annual Battle of the Floors, science fair, Trick or Eat and Talent show
  • Committee events: a mixture of events from our Multicultural Committee and RainBEAU Committee

 Q. How can I get involved in residence more than just going to events?

There are ample opportunities to get involved in residence outside of attending events. We have 2 residence committees: the Multicultural Committee and RainBEAU Committee, who recruit members at the beginning of term and throughout the year. At the end of your first year if you love being involved in the residence community you can also apply to be an RA!

Q. What can I go to my RA for? What are their job requirements?

  • 3 events per month (mixture of educational and social)
  • 2 floor meetings per month
  • Source of resources and assistance when necessary

RAs are meant to be a support for students on their floor, and provide resources when necessary to assist in a student’s transition to residence. Additionally, RAs must plan 3 events per month for their floor, both educational and social, and have 2 meetings a month to connect with and inform their floor about upcoming events in residence.

Q. What resources are available on campus for residence students?

  • Counselling Centre
  • RAs
  • Writing Centre
  • Career Services

There are a wide variety of resources available on campus for any students wishing to access them. Saint Mary’s has free counselling services in the student union building, as well as career services for any future planning needs. RAs are available to their floor members when needed for support and to provide additional resources when needed.

Q. How can I stay informed about residence life?

Residence Life is active on most forms of social media to keep you updated about upcoming events. Follow us on Instagram, and like our Facebook Page, plus subscribe to our Res Top 5 email list to never miss and event!