Residence Committees

Saint Mary’s University Residence Life has two (2) Residence Committees that plan events throughout the year to engage students. The Multicultural Committee and RainBEAU Committee organize a diverse series of events for the Residence community. These committees recruit executive staff positions along with regular members at the beginning of the Fall, but new members are welcome to join throughout the year.

To contact any of the committees, email


Multicultural Committee

The Residence Multicultural Committee celebrates and educates students on the cultural diversity in our community. They organize educational events including cooking tutorials that teach students about different cultures. Social events like Culture Shock, which is our Residence Banquet afterparty, celebrates music and dance from around the world.

2023-24 sign up opens in August 2023


RainBEAU Committee

The RainBEAU Committee focuses on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in Residence and celebrating the 2SLGBTQ+ community. They have organized events such as the Pride Picnic, Tea Time, Virtual Pride Art Gala, and Pride Health Workshops.

2023-24 sign up opens in August 2023