About Us

We believe living in on-campus housing provides students with opportunities for learning and growth that are equally as valuable as those available to them in the classroom.

As such, on-campus here at Saint Mary’s University has been designed to reflect our commitment to the holistic development and personal growth of our residents. We strive to ensure that our community follows an approach based on professional best practices, as well as the interests and developmental needs of students.

Our team works to ensure your Saint Mary’s University on-campus housing experience is a rewarding one.

Director, Housing & Conference Services

The Director, Housing & Conference Services, administers Saint Mary's University residences (housing, residence, and residence services), family housing, and conference services, as well as relationships with external agents such as the beauty salon and the barber shop located in the residence complex. The Director supervises staff in the department, prepares and administers the annual budget, develops and reviews departmental policies and procedures affecting the quality of student life in residence, oversees application and assignment processes through housing staff, and liaises with students, parents / supporters, the broader University community, and the general public. The Director is also involved in day-to-day management of the University's food service, cold beverage, snack vending, and print services contracts, and the Campus Bookstore, and is also engaged in student discipline on campus as an appointed Disciplinary Officer.

Matt Robinson is the Director, Housing & Conference Services.

Assistant Director, Residence Life

The Assistant Director, Residence Life is responsible for maintaining a high quality of student life in our Saint Mary’s residence community, supervising a residence life staff including three Residence Coordinators, the Programming & Engagement Coordinator, and the Residence Assistants.

Kati Kilfoil is the Assistant Director, Residence Life.

Residence Coordinators

Each of the three residences in our community (Loyola, Rice, and Vanier) has a live-in, paraprofessional Residence Coordinator (RC). RCs assist with the supervision of our student staff (RAs) and also serve as mentors, administrators, and community advisors. Residence Coordinators work with RAs to identify student and community needs and then develop programs designed to address those needs. RCs also foster a positive living-learning environment conducive to the academic goals of the university and promote responsible behavior among residents (including intervention and follow-up with individuals experiencing behavioural / disciplinary issues or other personal challenges). RCs also participate in an after-hours on-call system throughout the academic year.

If you are experiencing a problem with residence living, please do not hesitate to see your Residence Coordinator.

Residence Assistants

Residence Assistants (RAs) are senior student leaders who live in residence. RAs are carefully selected and receive extensive training in maintaining community standards, peer counselling, community programming development and crisis management.

RAs provide personal assistance to students, co-ordinate social and educational programs, explain and enforce policies and regulations, carry out various administrative tasks, and act as a liaison between students and residence administration. They aim to promote an atmosphere in residence that is fun, friendly, and fulfilling, while maintaining a degree of order and discipline. They also try to maintain a balance between a reasonably quiet environment for studying and sleep, and an atmosphere where students can relax and socialize.

You will meet your RA shortly after you move in. They will be delivering your mail, distributing supplies, posting information on the floor, and holding regular floor meetings to keep you informed, hear your concerns, and help you meet your floormates.

Programming & Engagement Coordinator

The Programming & Engagement Coordinator (PEC) supports initiatives in the areas of residence life programming, student engagement, and living-learning communities. The PEC coordinates the implementation and delivery of the programming in our residence, assists in the training and supervision of student staff, helps develop new initiatives intended to heighten the involvement and engagement of students in the Residence Community, the University, and the broader Halifax community, and is also involved with living-learning communities in residence.

Raven Richards is the Programming and Engagement Coordinator.

Housing & Residence Representatives

Located in the Housing & Conference Services Office, the three Housing & Residence Representatives are committed to providing information and resources to residence students to maximize their residence experience. They educate and inform current and future residence students on residence policies, procedures, application processes, move-in and departure information, as well as liaise with other departments on campus to ensure a smooth and successful transition into life in residence.

Please feel free to email Housing & Conference Services

Assistant Director, Residence Services

The Assistant Director, Residence Services is responsible for maintaining a safe, secure, and comfortable atmosphere for all residence community students by implementing and enforcing residence community standards, rules, and regulations. The Assistant Director is aided in this by a team of Residence Services Officers (RSOs).

Derrick Colburn is the Assistant Director, Residence Services.

Residence Services Officers (RSOs)

Residence Security Officers (RSOs) are members of a student security team under the supervision of the Assistant Director, Residence Services. They work to ensure that the residence community is a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. RSOs are trained to help inform and educate students about residence community standards, rules, and regulations, and to help enforce University policies and procedures. RSOs are also trained to respond to emergency situations.

RSOs can be contacted by calling the Loyola Residence Desk, which is staffed 24 hours / day, 7 days a week, at: 902.420.5591.

Manager, Residence Services

Under the supervision of the Director, Housing & Conference Services, the Manager, Residence Services coordinates residence maintenance and custodial services in conjunction with the Facilities Management Department.

Sam Scribner is the Manager, Residence Services.