Year 2 at SMU

No longer New to SMU? Looking for information on what’s next?

Year 2 at SMU is a student success resource for those students in second year and above, including new transfer students, with valuable information to help you transition into the next stage of your university studies. Here you will find information on timelines for your next steps, including when to declare your major and the application processes for all of the optional choices you have along the way.

Are you considering a co-op or study abroad term? Are you looking for information on research and opportunities on campus? Check out our list of resources below.

There is also a series of events tailored to meet the unique needs of the Year 2 population and expose students to the many options you have throughout your degree. Check the Student Life Events Calendar to see what is coming up!

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Resources for Students:

Key Processes

Declaring Your Major

Applying for Undergraduate Aid and Awards

Health & Dental Insurance Claims

Applying to Graduate

Calendar of Events / Important Dates

Academic Supports


Academic Advising

Learning Skills & Strategies

Patrick Power Library

SNAP Centre / Writing Centre / BComm PAS

Enrichment Opportunities

Co-op Education

Study Abroad


Student Research

Student Leadership Conference

Getting Involved

Student Leadership Guide

Student Societies


Co-Curricular Record