SNAP Centre

Science Numeracy & Academic Proficiency (SNAP) Centre

The SNAP Centre provides free peer-tutoring support for students enrolled in first-year Science courses, and some second-year Science courses too. Get help from students who have excelled in courses that you're taking right now.

The SNAP Centre is closed for the term, it will reopen in September 2022.

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What academic support does the SNAP Centre offer?

The SNAP Centre was created to provide additional academic support for first-year Science students. Through the SNAP Centre, first-year students can make appointments with peer tutors to help with their conceptual understanding of topics, assignments, and study skills and strategies. SNAP Centre tutors are all former first-year students themselves, and they have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed. 

The SNAP Centre now provides supports for students after their first year, with SNAP tutoring available for some second-year Science courses.

Who are the SNAP Centre tutors?

SNAP Centre tutors are Saint Mary's undergraduate science students who have a demonstrated record of academic excellence in our first and second year mathematics, chemistry, biology and/or physics courses. All tutors are Dean's List Science students who have achieved a high degree of academic success; Dean’s List students are those with an annual average of A- or higher (GPA > 3.70).

Numeracy Workshops

The following 12 short “mini numeracy workshops” are designed to take about 15-20 minutes to work through. They offer assistance in areas of basic mathematical tools – topics that will be used frequently in first-year science courses, but ones which students may have forgotten from their high school courses. Students are free to ask tutors to schedule a time to run through a workshop with them, or ask for assistance on specific things from a workshop they’ve worked through on their own.

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If you have any questions about the SNAP Centre, please contact the Associate Dean of Science - Student Affairs (Acting).

SNAP Centre

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