Student Intramurals

Registration for the Winter semester of SMU Intramurals is now open.

Please find the link to our registration form below for the Winter 2024 semester.

Follow us on Instagram (@smuintramurals) for the most up-to-date information. 

2024 Winter Schedule

Monday - Volleyball - 9pm - 11pm
Wednesday - Badminton - 9pm - 11pm
Thursday - Competitive Basketball - 9:30pm - 11:30pm
Thursday - Recreational Basketball - 9:30pm - 11:30pm
Friday - Ice Hockey - 12pm - 2pm
Sundays - Soccer (Futsal) - 4pm - 10pm

Mission Statement

To provide an atmosphere where all SMUdents may develop leadership skills through the provision of interactive sports programming during the academic year. It is also in this environment where life-long friendships are created.


  • To offer an environment where recreation and competition meet diversity.
  • To provide students with activities and facilities that are conducive to excellence.

 Core Values

  • Teamwork - We realize that working together to achieve a common goal always yields great results.
  • Diversity - We understand the vast expanse of different cultures, therefore, we offer a space for everyone to feel at home.
  • Sportsmanship - Comradery is the pride of Saint Mary's University; here we foster it.
  • Integrity - We always maintain fairness and a moral standard for all participants.

 Intramurals Guidelines

  • Registration for each sport begins on March 3rd. Due to space restrictions, there may be limits to the number of available team spaces
  • Online registration only



  • Current varsity athletes are not eligible to play their respective sport during the Intramural season.
  • Anyone in violation of intramural rules and regulations and/or entering without authorization will be banned from the program and/or further penalties.
  • Teams with ineligible players will be removed from the league.

How to Sign Up

Full-Time SMU Student

  1. Get your student card validated at the library
  2. Show student card to SMUfit staff at the Homburg Centre. Completion of paperwork is required
  3. There is NO cost for Full-Time students 
  4. Organize or get in on Intramural team/register as an individual 
  5. Register ONLINE by scanning the bar code for each league and signing up before the deadline
  6. On game days, you MUST bring in your student card to access facilities

Contact us

Athletics & Recreation
The Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness
920 Tower Road
Mailing address:
The Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness
923 Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3C3

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