Classes, Programs, and Drop-In Sports

At SMUfit we offer Group Fitness Classes, Registered Programs, and Drop-In Sports.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Please go to: for the most up to date schedule.

Time  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:15am Total Body HIIT w/ Bobi Spin w/ Anne Spin w/ Donna Strong 45 w/ Bobi      


9:30am Gentle Fitness w/ Zena Body Sculpt w/ Zena Gentle Fitness w/ Zena 


Body Sculpt w/ Zena   Heart & Muscle w/ Zena
10:30am           Yoga Flow w/ Sarah

Yoga w/ Anne


Yoga w/ Sonja

Strength & Conditioning w/ Rick

Tabata Bootcamp w/ Rick Total Body HIIT w/ Mikaela Spin & Pump w/ Sonja    
1:05pm         Yoga w/ Sonja    
5:00pm (5:15pm) Spin w/ Stephanie (5:45pm) Spin Express w/ Anne     Yoga Flow w/ Sarah  



Yoga Flow w/ Sarah

6:30pm   Zumba w/ Leticia Heart & Muscle w/ Zena Strong 45 w/ Tina      
7:00pm Zumba w/ Leticia  Yoga w/ Anne           
7:30pm     Zumba w/ Tina Zumba + Zumba Toning w/ Tina      
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