Study Abroad Programs

The Languages and Cultures department would like to offer you the opportunity to study abroad this year. Many of our programs offer our students the chance to have a life-altering experience by studying abroad. Depending your area of study, your interests may take you to Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Mexico. Our programs allow to you further your educational background and at the same live and experience these countries by seeing and learning about their cultures. 

Some of these programs that are listed below are exchange programs that are not run through this department directly. Saint Mary's University partners with many universities around the world and offers a wide range of courses and opportunities. These programs are run by the Centre for Global Engagement located in Atrium 106B on campus.  

For more information, please contact your respective program coordinator or visit Miyuki Arai. In order to attend any of these programs, you must attend a mandatory pre-departure information session hosted by the Centre for Global Engagement.

Study Abroad in Angers

One Month 6.0 Credits  One Semester. 15.0 Credits
A full academic year. 30 Credits September + Full Academic Year 36.0 Credits
All credits are recognized by Saint Mary’s University cost varies due to length of the stay

Dates for the two Academic Semesters                   

Fall semester Sept 29th to Jan 28th   
Winter semester Jan 31st to June 4th 
Summers Months  June 27th to July 23rd, August 1st to 27th, August 29th to Sept 24th  

For more information of please contact Jean-Jacques Defert 


The German Program offers multiple opportunities and locations in Germany to relocate and study.
Canadian Summer School in Germany (CSSG)  
Study through Goethe Institute or the Canadian Year in Freiburg
There is also the option of going on exchange Konstanz, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Liebig or Frankfurt University
The DAAD offers scholarships for Students who qualify  
Lastly, Student are also given the opportunity to Teach English in a German school.
For more information please contact Dr. John Plews 

Archaeological Field School in Italy

For over a decade, SMU students have participated in archaeological field schools offered through the Department of Languages and Cultures. The field school, however, is not restricted to Classics majors, and, over the years, students from all faculties at Saint Mary’s have participated. These students have been involved in ongoing research projects at sites throughout central and southern Italy, learning to digitally map standing archaeological remains at Falerii Novi, a Roman town, excavating and documenting the remains of a Roman imperial estate in Puglia (southeastern Italy), and studying the artifactual and environmental assemblage from the same site. More recently, students have participated in a large-scale landscape study in the Basentello Valley of south central Italy, and the excavation of a 2,500-year-old Etruscan/Roman city, Caere, just outside of Rome. At the same time, students get to experience contemporary Italian culture during their time in Italy, both living in small Italian towns and working alongside Italian students and archaeologists in the field. Some students have based their honours theses in Anthropology on data collected as part of the field school, and a couple have been listed as co-authors on publications in peer-reviewed journals. The department will continue to offer field school credit in the future.

Credit hours: 6.0Courses: CLAS 3610/3611/4610/4611
Prerequisites: 3.0 credit hours in CLAS or ANTH 1276
Instructor: Dr. Myles McCallum
When offered: Summer Session
Length of study: generally 4 to 6 weeks
Cost: Participation fee between 1900 and 2500 dollars, plus airfare, tuition and fees


A number of universities are partnered with Saint Mary's University. Each program is unique and focuses on growing your Japanese Language skills and Cultural knowledge as well grounded education from a variety of courses that will interest you know matter your area of study. Hokkaido, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Sapporo are just of some of the cities that you can visit and study in. 

Study Spanish in Mexico

All levels of CEPE available 
Most have taken SPAN 1000 or SPAN 2204 or 2205 which equals out to a one full year in Spanish or 6 credit hours.6 week course is credible for 120 hours
Spring 2017 Session May 7th, 2017
Summer 2017 Session June 25th,2017
Full cost for program $2500 $450 for Tuition, materials and registration $300 for Monthly rent $300 for Monthly Living expenses Plus Round trip flight
Program Coordinator Dr. Andres Arteaga  

Field School in Colombia

Travel to Colombia for the new Field School in Montes de Maria (Bolivar) and Medellin.
Post-Conflict, Peace and Development
SPAN 3777 / SPAN 4400
6 credit hours
May 28 - June 17, 2023


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