Student Success

At Saint Mary's University, we are committed to your success. The Student Success Centre is a hub for students to connect, get involved, learn new skills and strategies and make the most of their university experience.

You can find us in the Student Centre, room 301 and at

Learning Skills and Strategies Coaching

Meet one-on-one with Learning Skills Strategist, Emma Sylvester, to discuss learning approaches that will work best for you and boost your academic performance. These sessions provide you with personalized advice and coaching for your specific academic needs. Emma can support you in a variety of topics, including general study skills, exam preparation, reading comprehension, time management, listening, notetaking, organization, procrastination, motivation, focus, and more.

1:1 appointments are currently offered online through Microsoft Teams and in-person. 

Study Hall

Grab a study snack and get to work! Study Hall is an open, shared workspace for you to:

  • work effectively
  • meet and study with peers
  • get support on your exams and assignments
  • use provided tools and materials

Access support from a Learning Strategist, Writing Tutor, and Research Librarian to boost your academic performance! Join us every Thursday, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. in the Library Classroom LI 135.

Workshops for Students

Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops are free and available to all Saint Mary's students. These workshops cover topics that provide support and guidance to students in achieving their university, professional development and life goals during their time as a student. 

Learning Skills and Strategies Workshops

Become a more effective learner, build your self-management skills, and develop new strategies to boost your academic performance. Each term, we offer free academic skills workshops designed to support your success in your studies. Everyone is welcome! Workshop registration opens three weeks prior to the workshop date.

Learning Skills and Strategies Workshops can also be added to your Co-Curricular Record within Career360°. 

Download the full Winter 2024 Workshop Schedule .

Workshop Topics

Learn how to apply skills and strategies to stay productive, focused, and motivated in your studies. We'll cover tips and tricks for managing your workload and using effective learning and study strategies to stay engaged in your courses. Join us to start your term off strong!

PDF Handout: Mindset Maintenance

As a student, it can feel challenging to keep up with all your course expectations while feeling balanced with other aspects of your life. Time to level up!  Join this workshop to learn effective time management strategies, ensure you are prioritizing appropriately, stay on top of your studies and reduce stress too! 

Make your study sessions effective and fun! Learn new organizational and hands-on approaches to engage with course material in a way that will keep you energized, interested, and improve your performance in exams.

Overcome your procrastination by understanding the barriers that are keeping you from working and achieving to your full potential. Build a system that can work for you to feel good about getting to work!

Taking notes during lecture and readings is a key strategy for academic success. The best way to take notes will depend on how you work best. In this session, learn skills and strategies for notetaking that will work for you to stay engaged in class and develop helpful study resources.

Do you find yourself reading the same passage over and over but it doesn't stick? Or do you have too much reading to get done in the time you have? Make the most of your reading time! Join us to learn and apply helpful strategies for successful and engaging reading. 

Build your focusing abilities by making small, practical changes to how you approach your learning and studying. Join this workshop to understand the factors that impact your ability to work effectively and strategies to help you improve your focus.

Join this workshop to learn strategies to help you ace your exams. Plan a specific study schedule, apply tips to answer multiple choice and short answer questions, and learn strategies to ease anxiety and use your exam time effectively.  

Group work is an important aspect of learning and working within and beyond university. This workshop covers strategic approaches to communicate with group members, navigate group dynamics, plan projects, and work together towards a shared goal. 

Join the Student Success Centre and Writing Centre to interpret feedback you've received this term and make a plan for moving forward. Whether it's assignments or exams, getting feedback provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Let's do it together!

Learning Skills Resources

Looking for some quick tips to boost your academic performance and enhance your learning experience? Check out these PDF handouts to improve your learning skills!

Time Management
Time Management Toolkit
The Pomodoro Method
Weekly Planner (by day, with to-do list)
Weekly Planner (by hour)

Study Strategies
Effective Study Strategies
Mnemonic Devices
Solving Mathematical and Logical Problems
Study Log
Learning and Studying with ADHD

Academic Mindset
Mindset Maintenance
Goal Setting and Planning
Overcoming Procrastination

Notetaking Tips
Mind Mapping

Academic Reading

Writing Tests and Exams
Taking the Exam
Writing Exams: Question Types

Upcoming Student Success Events


Information for Faculty

Invite a Learning Skills Strategist to your class!

A Learning Skills Strategist is available for tailored in-class workshops on various topics related to academic performance including, but not limited to, general study skills, exam preparation, exam writing, time management, note-taking, listening, organization, procrastination, motivation, and concentration. We can also provide a brief overview of how the academic supports available through the Student Success Centre and across campus can help your students.

Workshops can be modified in length depending on the needs of your class and should be requested a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance.